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Mabuhay Singers: Dung-dungwen Canto (Ilocano)

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CDBlue47 (1 week ago)
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Beautiful music...maganda musica bella
Milordvega (2 weeks ago)
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This is actually nicer than Pamulinawen, but I remember a clip of a Baguio party in the 70's with Ferdinand Marcos singing this with Imelda Marcos... oh my...

Thanks for preserving our song heritage.
Joe31959 (2 weeks ago)
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thanks bro nice song
GA5XA (3 weeks ago)
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Mga kabayan...Daan muna kayo.
WatchPV (4 weeks ago)
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kay kayat ko daytoy nga canta.
majesticmajenta13 (2 months ago)
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malagip ko ni tata Patting!! rest in peace granpa!!!
tonenneneng (2 months ago)
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salamat po wala po ba kayong lyrics nito
toiletholder (2 months ago)
I was searching the internet for the complete lyrics for this song so that I could sing it when I go for a walk but I could only find partial lyrics. BOO! As I'm not Ilocano I hardly recognize any of the words. It's a very sweet-sounding language.
bryangz5587 (3 months ago)
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nag mayat! makapalagip.. nice song!
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to toiletholder
Added:  June 14, 2007
From:  toiletholder
A popular Ilocano folk song. Performe... A popular Ilocano folk song. Performed in its purest Filipino form with rondalla accompaniment. No cheap sounding karaoke here. I think this is a better song than Pamulinawen. Since people have complained about my other Visayan videos not having enough stuff in it I made this one with various pictures of northern Luzon.

Filipino Pilipino Philippine Tagalog Visayan Bisaya Cebuano Philippines Pilita Corrales Corales Matud Nila Usahay Bisan Sa Damgo Lang Ilocano Ilokano Dahil Sa Iyo 'yo Kapantay Ay Langit Bisadak Dahil Sa Isang Bulaklak Bayan Ko Nasaan Ka Irog Carinosa Tinikling Hiligaynon Ilonggo Ilongo Waray Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal Mahiwaga Tunay Lawiswis Kawayan Leron Leron Sinta Aking Bituin Chitchiritchit Sitsiritsit Sinisinta Kita Rosas Pandan Balitaw Huling Awit Mutya Ng Pasig Ti Ayat Ti Maysa Nga Ubing Ay Kalisud Bituing Marikit Lupang Hinirang Bayang Magiliw Pambansang Awit Sharon Cuneta Regine Velasquez Kuh Ledesma Flamenco Spanish Cebu Baguio Mariza Mariachi Ang Tangi Kong Pag-ibig
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Tags: Filipino
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